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Manufacturing light mortars[]

The Wojo Munitions Plant in Krakow is a manufacturer of light mortars such as the 60/81/82 Wojo Combo.

Manufacturing small arms[]

It is possible to manufacture small arms, from muskets to semi-modern weapons, however there is a limit. With out reliable petroleum resources plastics are near impossible to make unless you melt down plastic parts already made and there is no guaranty as to the results. However, metal and wood and metal only weapons are completely possible,given a example of the weapon and the ability to make molds one could possibly even begin a small scale mass production.A walk down certain streets in central asia (i.e. Pakistan),will reveal that a perfectly functional AK-47 copy(some of good quality),can be made essentially by hand with a few power tools and a small forge(much like a medieval blacksmith)-if you have an original for a pattern,and the materials. 

Reloading/Manufacturing ammunition (small arms and mortar)[]

Ammunition manufacturing and rule set for production of gunpowder can be found on this page;

Weapons and Ammunition Factory page