Everyone talks about how terrible they feel about the Collapse, about how it’s such a blow to them. Not me. When the nukes started raining down, I was thrilled. You see, while everyone else was saying it was the end of the world, I knew it was just the chickens coming home to roost. It was a new beginning.

People have been living in the captivity of capitalist materialism for so long they didn’t realize that the war was the key to their freedom. The old order of the bourgeoisie was over, and we could build a simple, non-patriarchal, deconstructed, collectivist society free of crimes against minorities and Mother Earth. That’s what we’re doing here in the People’s Democracy of Boulder.

But, some people fight against our better way of life. We’d be self-sufficient if it weren’t for sabotage and acts of terrorism by the white power elites in the surrounding communities, especially Golden. That’s why we have the People’s Army to defend against attacks from the outside and the People’s Protection Service to sniff out infiltrators and traitors on the inside. They fulfill an unpleasant but necessary duty during the rebirth of democracy. I have no doubt that after this next round of executions, things will turn around. You wait and see.

Wade Kirkland, People’s First Spokeperson, People’s Republic of Boulder, CO, June 14, 2013.

Wade Kirkland is a sixty-three-year-old caucasian male who holds the office of First Spokesperson in the People's Republic of Boulder (PRB) is the unchallenged dictator of that community. He is convinced that his "enlightened" leadership has saved the community following the Collapse, and is capable of any action to preserve the PRB.

Long before the Twilight War and the Collapse, Wade Kirkland was a full-time leftist agitator and part-time teacher of history at the University of Colorado, at Boulder. Although he tells those people who ask about his past that he was Dean of the UC Boulder History Department, the truth is that he was on the verge of being fired from his part-time job for giving passing grades to female students in exchange for sexual favors. He has had anyone aware of this fact that remained in Boulder killed, including several of the female students.

Kirkland is a megalomaniac and psychopath who seeks to cultivate an image similar to his hero, Joseph Stalin. He has repeatedly orchestrated purges of the leadership of the PRB to weed out any who may think for themselves and has personally executed several former comrades. He believes in both his own infalibility and the infalibility of the PRB system he has imposed. He seeks to expand the PRB's system of government to the nearby "unenlightened" communities, such as Golden, and plans a rigorous re-education program for those citizens that survive the required initial purges.