• Jan 1 - New America begins to make its move; it seizes control where they had been secretly getting it and publicly declaring the existence of “New America”. One of the places is Saint Petersburg, Florida.
  • Jan 2 - In response to the Soviet incursion into Norway, King Haakon VIII counterattacks and recovers most of central Norway.
  • Jan 13 - A force of Seminole Indians kill off the remaining inhabitants of Bradenton, Florida.
  • Jan 14 - First attacks of the New America cell in Arkansas to seize control in the area.
  • Feb - Satellite Down
  • Feb 16 - Operation Polar Bear discovers the Soviet “Boomer” sub and alert Moscow Center.
  • Feb 17 - Bravo and Delta Platoons of Alpha Company, 1st Battalion of the 197th Mechanized Infantry Brigade leave Memphis to investigate reports of marauders in Arkansas.
  • late Feb - New America takes Newport, Arkansas. The Norway offensive grinds down just south of Narvik, Norway.
  • 1 Jan - 1 Mar -- The Last Submarine
  • Jan to Mar -- Sometime around here, Allegheny Uprising.
  • early Mar - Airlords of the Ozarks
  • Mar - 98th Infantry Division (Light, 2nd Brigade) is ordered to suppress the Ozark enclave of New America; they take heavy casualities but with the use of a captured dirigible from the Ozark Airlords they manage to destroy the enclave. The remnants of 85th Division, mauled by fighting with New America in Arkansas, merges with the 197th Infantry Brigade in Memphis. The Milgov enclave at Norfolk is ordered to evacuate and move to Fort Dix.
  • Mar 1 - Apr 1 -- Urban Guerilla, Mediterranean Cruise, Boomer, White Eagle
  • Mar 18 - Disastrous forest fire near Fort Bragg, South Carolina, destroys much of the farmland around the fort. The 184th Infantry Brigade there plans to evacuate and head west.
  • spring - King's Ransom, Return to Warsaw
  • Apr - 43rd Military Police Brigade mutinies and kills their commanding officer, Colonel Fort; the personnel disperse into Massachucetts. Kidnapped
  • late May - In the Mid-Atlantic states, the drought is pronounced enough that most realize that no crops will be forthcoming in the autumn.
  • June - Panic sweeps the Mid-Atlantic states due to the coming famine; rioting and unrest will bring down virtually all the city and municipal governments in the area.
  • autumn - Los Angeles is abandoned.
  • Nov - Except for scavengers, New York City, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC are abandoned.
  • Dec- 42nd Infantry Division undertakes security missions in upstate New York and New England, elements of it engaging bandits of the 43rd Military Police Brigade in Massachucetts and destroying them.

Timeline of the Twilight War (1st Edition)
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