The Ruins of Warsaw
Ruins of Warsaw
Adventure Location Poland
Module Length 40 pages + centerfold charts/map
Designer(s) William H. Keith Jr., Timothy B. Brown Frank Chadwick and Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1985
Product Number GDW 503
ISBN Number 0943580536

"Warsaw had been nuked, and nuked hard. Nearly everyone there had been killed. But still, the ruins had things to offer—raw materials such as metal and stone, and protection from the marauders who surrounded it. These things drew the settlers, but they also drew the Baron Czarny, and his evil army of cutthroats."

The Ruins of Warsaw is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. Warsaw was leveled by six NATO nuclear devices in 1997. The city itself was in ruins, smashed into dust and debris. And the people were dead. Those who survived the blast were killed in the firestorm or by the disease and starvation which followed. Practically no one is alive who remembers the event.

But time has passed.

As the rads died away, the settlers moved in. The city, even in its current state, provided some protection against the bandits who ruled the countryside. They dug up the old city parks, exposed them to the light of day for the first time in three years, and planted their crops. They cleared away the debris in order to survive, using it as the raw materials for homes, tools, and defenses.

The Black Baron came to Warsaw, as well. At the head of his terrible legion of marauders, Baron Czarny moved into the city, taking as his own the former Palace of Culture and Sciences. From this new Twierdza Czarny (black fortress), the evil Baron commands his horde to pillage and subjugate everyone in and around the city. Only one group still holds out against him in strength — the Milicya of Sielce.

The player characters have become involved in the battle for Warsaw, between the Baron and the Milicya. As some of the few men with military training and experience, they will play leading roles commanding troops, ambushing convoys, contacting other communities, and trying to survive in the rubble and debris of Warsaw.

Also in Ruins of Warsaw are the complete macro combat rules for Twilight: 2000. Now battles involving hundreds of men and vehicles may be resolved quickly, easily, and realistically.

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