Survivors' Guide to the United Kingdom
Sourcebook for United Kingdom
Soucrebook Length 48 pages
Designer(s) Peter Phillipps and Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1990
Product Number GDW 528
ISBN Number 1558780092

From Land's End to Dover, from the Channel Islands to the Shetlands, the Survivors' Guide to the United Kingdom describes what happened to the United Kingdom during the war and afterward. It explains just what the word 'England' means in 2000, discusses the fate of the North Sea oil platforms, and gives you the lowdown on organizations ranging from H.M. Government to the Soviet GRU.

The Survivors' Guide contains a detailed order of battle for the British Army, updating previous versions and implementing several major changes, bringing the OB up to 1 January 2001. It presents British-oriented character generation tables and a consolidated reference for British military equipment, including many obsolete vehicles and weapons found in use only by local militias and marauder bands. Every major weapon is covered -- from the Humber 'Pig' and the Ferret AC up to the most advanced MBT -- with every gaming aspect fully detailed.

The Survivors' Guide describes a country on the mend, desperately trying to restore order to a people who have had almost every semblance of government and society shattered by global warfare. H.M. Government controls only a portion of the country; the rest consists of an intricate tapestry of independent cities, petty dictatorships and broad bands of territory ruled only by brigands and marauders. A district-by-district description details what was nuked, what was destroyed by rioters, and the other damage inflicted by the war and the civil dislocation which followed.


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