Return to Warsaw
Return to Warsaw
Adventure Location Poland
Module Length 48 pages
Designer(s) Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1989
Product Number GDW 523
ISBN Number 1558780181

"He's back..."

Last year, the inhabitants of Warsaw's various communities, with the aid of a few American soldiers, united to defeat the Baron Czarny. Over the winter, the threat gone, the small communities fell to squabbling among themselves. This spring, the baron is back, with a new army, and once again threatens the communities that have taken root in the ruins of the former capital of Poland. The baron plans to conquer the communities before the winter wheat crop is ready, while the defenders are still short of food.

The characters have been asked for help by Filip Kizysztof, leader of the Sielce settlement. Filip needs the characters' aid in reuniting the splintered communities to defeat the baron a second time, and in the process save what's left of civilization in this part of Poland.

This booklet contains:

  • Revised streetmaps of the relevant portion of downtown Warsaw.
  • Updated histories of the Warsaw communities and the baron.
  • Orders of battle for the various combatants, including the remnants of the Soviet 10th Guards Tank Division.
  • Information for adapting the larger battles for resolution using Last Battle, GDW's new boardgame of modern and future close combat.
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