Red Star/Lone Star
Adventure Location United States
Module Length 48 pages
Designer(s) William H. Keith Jr., Loren Wiseman and Frank Chadwick
Date Published 1986
Product Number GDW 507
ISBN Number 0943580579

Red Star/Lone Star contains:

  • Descriptions of selected towns, villages, and encounters in the general area between San Antonio, Port Lavaca, and Brownsville, with encounter and rumor tables for each.
  • A map of southern Texas.
  • Maps of the environs of Brownsville and Corpus Christi.
  • The plans for the Gulfwind Forty, an offshore oil platform which may figure in the adventure.
  • A rundown of the location and strength of the Soviet, American and Mexican units in southern Texas.
  • Details and specifications, in Twilight: 2000 terms, of the ERC-90 armored car and the VAB armored personnel carrier (French vehicles used by the Mexican army).
Modules of the American Campaign (Twilight:2000 1st Edition)
Sourcebook: Howling Wilderness
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