Pirates of the Vistula
Pirates of the Vistula
Adventure Location Poland
Module Length 40 pages + centerfold charts/map
Designer(s) William H. Keith Jr., Timothy B Brown, Loren Wiseman, and Frank Chadwick
Date Published 1985
Product Number GDW 502
ISBN Number 0943580528

"Easy money, he says. Nothing to worry about, he says. A simple little trip down the river, straight into Warsaw, and collect our reward, he says."

"Then why are all these people shootin' at us?"

Pirates of the Vistula is an adventure module for Twilight: 2000. The mighty Vistula River sets the stage for a journey from Krakow to the remains of Warsaw aboard the river tug Wisla Krolowa. But the Vistula has seen better days. The river has been left untended for years as the war raged around it, and now is overcome with debris and sandbars.

All of the important forces along the river, such as the bandit and marauder units and, of course, the vicious river pirates, who virtually rule the river itself, are described in terms of organization, equipment, and motivations. The module itself is not just one adventure, but several. Together they represent life along the river, such as it is after the nearly complete destruction left in the wake of the war. Separately, they provide many adventures, from rescuing cities from tyrannous marauders to choosing sides between warring bandit kings to simply staying alive as the river pirates draw ever nearer.

In addition, Pirates of the Vistula provides complete rules for a new type of warfare in the world of Twilight: 2000 — riverine combat.

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