New America has its roots in the numerous ultraright-wing, militant organizations which proliferated throughout North America during the 1970s and '80s. The organization, formed by Carl Hughes in 1979, was an unusual coalition of survivalists, tax and "big government" resistance groups, neo-nazis, ultraright-wing and militant religious organizations, and racists. In the late 1980s, several pseudo-Christian, highly militant church cults became part of the New American infastructure, churches which included Hughes' own Saints of the Saviour's Truth (SST).

The Hierarchy of New AmericaEdit

New American citizenship is divided into several tiers:

  • The Natural Aristocrats control all of the senior leadership positions in New America. Natural Aristocrats get all the benefits of full citizenship in New America.
    • including:
      • Trial by peer and the privilege of facing your accusers.
      • The privilege to vote.
      • Free choice in marriage and other matters.
      • The ability to write and implement laws.
  • Citizens do not have full citizenship, but they do occupy bulk of positions in New America.
    • Citizens differ from Natural Aristocrats in that:
      • Their marriges must be approved by a board of Natural Aristocrats.
      • Their rights can be modified or suspended by a Natural Aristocrat.
  • Next are Seconds, while Seconds have little to no rights it is possible for hard working Seconds to become Citzens.
  • Then come the Thirds, Thirds have even fewer rights then Seconds, but again it is possible for hard working Thirds to become Seconds.
  • Lastly are the LCs, or Long Contract laborers. Officially LCs are "wards of the state, but in reality LCs are no more then slaves to New America.

Areas of operations from Howling WildernessEdit

New England: In the north woods of Maine and across the border in New Brunswick, Canada, they currently control a number of the larger towns in the area. The primary accomplishment of the Maine NA cells has been to occupy the site of the Maine nuclear power station at Wiscasset, northeast of Bath.

Middle Atlantic: NA controls isolated cells throughout West Virginia, including the NA headquarters. Also cells in Adirondack mountains in New York.

Southeast: NA's main strength lies in the southeast. The largest cell is the area surrounding St. Petersburg, Florida, but large enclaves also exist in the mountains of eastern Kentucky/Tennessee, the western Carolinas, and the woods of north Georgia/Alabama.

Great Lakes: A few cells in northern Michigan.

South Central: Ozark enclave which had salvaged dirigibles/ultralights.

Great Plains: No significant enclaves.

Western: Snake River Basin of Idaho and the woods of Oregon. A smaller NA enclave existed around Yosemite National Park.

Alaska: NA cell around Seward.

Hawaii: No enclaves.