As the PCs near the town of Ndélé, home of the nearest UN Base, they notice the base is a smoking ruin, signs of a resent battle still fresh. The PCs are "officially" behind enemy lines.


  • The PCs can arrive at the city as the rebels are attacking. The UN has already pulled out and two rival factions are fighting over the town.

I can see four major routes out of here.

  • The party could head North and cross the desert to Libya or Egypt.
  • The party can head west trying to get back to "friendly" lines near the capital city of Bangui. The most logical way would be to go South to, then travel West by, the Ubangi river. Control of this major river would be critical to the control of the Southern part of the country. As such it should be patrolled by armed patrol boats from one faction or another.
  • The party can head South through the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Southern Africa.
  • The Party could try to head East through the Horn of Africa. Parties trying to get to the Middle East would find this overland route quicker then acquiring a ship and traveling around the African Continent.
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