The PCs are tasked with taking supplies to Camp Patriot (Trinidad, Colorado), the southernmost military installation in Colorado. On the way, they discover a group of refugees that have been savaged by Zoros (Mexican Special Forces). The survivors tell of overhearing a conversation between two Mexican soldiers to the effect that Camp Patriot would soon come under attack from infiltrators. However, the survivors didn't hear how to identify the infiltrators or where they are hiding. When the PCs arrive at Camp Patriot and tell the garrison commander, he begins a search of the area and conscripts the PCs to help. The PCs discover the infiltrator's base and all the soldiers of Camp Patriot make a pre-emptive strike.

Modules of the Western United States Campaign (Twilight:2013 Fan Created)
Sourcebook: Western US Sourcebook (Fan Created)
COD4 soldier w exploding car pencil
Stolen Property Lugar de Mala Muerte (Hellhole)
Iron Horses and Kevlar Men