You wanna know what’s funny? I’ll tell you what’s funny. I owe my life to the f****** FBI! How’s that for funny?

See, I was pulling a dime in Pennsylvania for a f****** little burglary rap and the Feds decide that they want me to talk about my Italian associations. I told them to get stuffed, so they ship me out to Colorado away from all my family and friends.

‘Cept just after I get here, all the s*** starts coming down. Them Feds, they was in f****** Washington and here I am, safe and sound. Now I’m out and in charge of salvage operations for the city of Lakewood. I’m doing the same s*** that I got sent up for, and I’m a f****** hero. How’s that for funny?

Joseph DeSilva, Salvage Coordinator, Lakewood, CO, April 10, 2013

Initial StrikeEdit

The nuclear strike against the Lakewood Federal Center destroyed the majority of the city, which itself was a suburb of Denver. Due to the geography of the area, most locations to the northwest, such as Golden, were somewhat spared. However, areas to the west were unlucky, as the damage from the strike on Denver overlapped with the Lakewood Federal Center strike. Within minutes of the twin mushroom clouds rising over the Denver area, a firestorm ensued that obliterated all of Lakewood north of the 285 highway. Those who could not flee died. Many of those who did flee fell victim to fire and fallout from the Lockheed/Martin strike south of C470.

Lakewood is now a blackened and barren territory dotted by concrete foundations. Little of value remains in the area as scavengers have rooted through the charred debris. Only the luckiest and skilled PC will find much beyond ashes.

C470 is in rough condition, but still passable to vehicles with 4-wheel drive up to the I70 junction, which has collapsed. 285 is likewise passable to vehicles with 4-wheel drive but is dotted with collapsed overpasses, which must be circumvented and are often used as ambush sites by marauders.

Lakewood Fed Center Strike