King's Ransom
Adventure Location Iran
Module Length 52 pages
Designer(s) Frank Frey, Lester Smith and Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1987
Product Number GDW 513
ISBN Number 0943580366

The Iranian Crown Jewels. For years they rested in the vaults of the Markasi Bank in Tehran, where they backed Iran's legal tender, but when the National Emergency Council governing Iran in mid-1996 abandoned Tehran and retreated to Esfahan, they took the Crown Jewels with them.

In the first half of 1997, the NEC elected to move again, this time from Esfahan to Shiraz. The Iranian Crown Jewels were left behind just long enough for preparations to be made to secure them in Shiraz. Other considerations, such as the fact that even Shiraz became cut off by further Soviet advances, soon occupied the Council's collective mind.

But as Esfahan looked in imminent danger of falling to the Soviets, a desperate mission to move the Crown Jewels was launched. The mission never returned; Esfahan was quickly captured by Soviet forces; and the Crown Jewels were lost in the shuffle. The Soviets assumed that the NEC had them. The Council believed that they had been captured by the Soviets. But rumors began to circulate that the jewels had simply disappeared... In King's Ransom, the players learn that someone has found the Crown Jewels and a desperate race begins to beat the KGB to the Jewel's hiding place."

Modules of the Persian Gulf Campaign (Twilight:2000 1st Edition)
Sourcebook: RDF Sourcebook
King's Ransom