Adventure Location United States
Module Length 48 pages
Designer(s) Timothy B. Brown and Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1988
Product Number GDW 518
ISBN Number 0943580692

In Kidnapped, the characters must travel through the drought-striken countryside to locate and abduct the leader of New America.

Kidnapped includes the following materials:

  • Introductory material for the adventure.
  • An overview of the blight and famine which is now ravaging North America. The lack of rain is leading to the spread of famine and disease, breaking down even further the level of civilization in America.
  • A complete description of the area between Frederick, Maryland and Charles Town, West Virginia, from the edge of Civgov control to the very heart of New America.
  • A list of important NPCs and organizations, including horrible motorcycle gangs, a con man, religious leaders, and more.
  • Complete maps and descriptions of two NA complexes, including an abandoned supply center in Maryland, and the massive Contry Home estate in West Virginia from which Hughes will have to be snatched in the face of tremendous odds.
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