After a great deal of restoration, a pair of steam railroad engines are able to take to the rails again. This mode of transport will revitalize the Front Range and is an important first step toward recovery. However, not everyone wants things to change. In addition to run-of-the-mill marauders, the well-armed and dangerous Collectivists from the People's Republic of Boulder (PRB) wants to stop the trains on their way from Pueblo to Fort Collins. The PCs are hired on as security to make sure the inital run carrying vital medicines makes it all the way there.

The module is broken up into areas through which the PCs must pass. Obstacles in their way include marauders, damaged rails, weak bridges, and fallout zones. Of course, the PRB isn't just going to let them go their merry way without a fight, either.

Modules of the Western United States Campaign (Twilight:2013 Fan Created)
Sourcebook: Western US Sourcebook (Fan Created)
COD4 soldier w exploding car pencil
Stolen Property Lugar de Mala Muerte (Hellhole)
Iron Horses and Kevlar Men