Gateway to the Spanish Main
Adventure Location Caribbean Islands
Module Length 48 pages
Designer(s) Thomas Mulkey, Matt Renner and Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1987
Product Number GDW 512
ISBN Number 0943580242

The adventure is set around a replica of the USS Constitution built in 1987 by Paradox Studios. The players will become crew members aboard the sailing vessel and will eventually be plunged into a plot of treachery, kidnapping, and piracy in the Caribbean Islands, a geographical region once known as the Spanish Main.

Gateway to the Spanish Main contains:

  • Rules for traveling by sail-powered vessels at sea and for sea-going combat in Twilight: 2000.
  • Deck plans for the replica of the USS Constitution.
  • Maps of Grenada and Carriacou, and descriptions of these islands, their towns, villages, and ports, with encounter tables.
Modules of the American Campaign (Twilight:2000 1st Edition)
Sourcebook: Howling Wilderness
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