Militia Patrol
The Militia Patrol is a standard encounter which can be used in place of other possibilities when an "Armed" encounter is indicated. Militia patrols can be found most anywhere, but are most often encountered within 5-10 km of a settlement.
Rocket-propelled Grenade Team
Many Middle Eastern and African militias have large numbers of RPG teams in their ranks. RPG Teams can be used for any "Armed" encounter. They are most effective in urban areas with lots of cover.
Similar to the RPG Team above, the ATGM Team is better trained and has better equipment, only major countries will field these teams.

Static EncountersEdit

Military Traffic Control Point or Road Block
This encounter is an example of a fairly common road block/traffic control point. The forces described are Russian/Soviet, but the overall force structure could easily be adjusted to represent Polish, NATO, European Union (EU), or even marauder forces.
Harbor Hassle
A small commercial harbor, spared from destruction by the Twilight War.


Junk Village
A very small steel fenced junkyard, with guard towers and two gates.
Common Village Defenses
Villages may be categorized as to their level of preparedness.


The encounters shown above can easily be converted to any version of the game.