Originally for export, the 6x6 Panhard ERC-90 F4 Sagaie was adopted by the French Army in 1984. Power steering accompanies the two front-most wheels. The entire weapon system is also fully amphibious. Water movement is accomplished by the wheels propelling the unit, though waterjets can be applied to assist if need be.

Early base models of the ERC 90 required the middle set of road wheels to be raised when in transport. Newer modified versions do not have this requirement. NBC, land navigation, crew compartment heating and cooling is also standard. The GIAT 90mm turret can fire the gamut of standard ammunition rounds including HEAT, smoke, APFSDS, HE and illuminating. Incidentally, the ERC in the designation stands for 'Engin de Reconnaissance Cannon'.

The ERC-90 is in service with Argentina, Chad, France, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Mexico, and Nigeria.

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Price: $200,000 (R/C)
RF: +3
Travel Move: 200/140
Combat Move: 100/70
Fuel Capacity: 480
Fuel Consumption: 120
Fuel Type: G, A
Load: 300kg
Vehicle Weight: 7.8 tons
Crew: 3
Maintenance: 6
Night Vision: Headlights, passive infra-red, light intensification

2nd Edition Combat StatsEdit

Armament: 90mm gun, MAG MG (co-axial), MAG MG (C)
Stabilisation: Fair
Ammo: 36 x 90mm
Configuration: Turret
Suspension: W: 3
TF: 8
TS: 8
TR: 4
HF: 8
HS: 6
HR: 4