City of Angels
Adventure Location United States
Module Length 48 pages
Designer(s) Craig Sheeley and Jay Adan
Date Published 1989
Product Number 3W 5401
ISBN Number 1558780033

This module was released by 3W, which developed licensed accessories for GDW product lines.

The adventure takes place near the blasted ruins of the Los Angeles area of Southern California. The story revolves around the obligation of one of the players to an old commanding officer. Living up to his promise thrusts him, along with his companions, into a journey through the hardest hit areas of the nuclear exchange of the Twilight War. The group must contend with all the harsh realities of post-holocaust life, complicated by rival gangs warring over territories in what was once known as the City of Angels.

Information presented in this module includes source material and maps for the L.A. and Orange County areas, an overview of Southern California, and optional rules which include civilian character generation."

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Sourcebook: Howling Wilderness
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