Quirks are a Stage III rule that modify a weapon's abilities.

Bullpup: Reloading the Quirks takes 2 ticks more than normal.

Cold Tolerance: The Quirks is designed for use in arctic conditions. The Quirks's maintenance requirements are not increased by cold weather and extreme cold is treated as cold.

Durable 2: For the purposes of accruing Wear, the Quirks's level of use is considered to be 2 level(s) lower than actual use or conditions would indicate.

Folding Stock: The Quirks is equiped with a folding stock. When the stock is folded adjust the Quirks's stats according to those rules.

Image: Possession of a mil-spec version of the Quirks, but not a semiauto civilian version, grants a +1 bonus to all uses of the character's Force reputation aspect. This bonus becomes a penalty if the character demonstrates gross incompetence with the Quirks.

Needy x2: The Quirks's base maintenance requirement is 2x normal per period of use. (ie. 1hr becomes 2hr(s))

Rare x2: Parts for the weapon cost 2x normal.

Reliable 2: For the purposes of triggering breakdowns, the Quirks's abuse is considered to be 2 lower than its actual value.

Ubiquitous: Outside regions that banned all firearms, spare parts for the Quirks cost half normal.

Unreliable 2: For the purposes of triggering breakdowns, the Quirks's abuse is considered to be 2 higher than its actual value.

Weird: The {{{1}}}'s ergonomics are just plain odd for shooters accustomed to more conventional longarms. If a character isn't experienced with the {{{1}}}, he suffers a -1 penalty to all attacks, and readying or reloading the {{{1}}} takes twice as many ticks as normal. These penalties are removed after a "familiarization fire" session of at least 100 rounds, or if the {{{1}}} becomes part of the character's personal equipment.

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