BATLSK is an abbreviation of British Army Training and Liaison Staff Kenya.

This is a platoon sized team drawn from the British Army that is responsible for supporting infantry battalion group exercises for approx 3,000 British troops in Kenya each year. It is based in Kahawa Barracks. It was heavily used pre-war to give SAS troops practice (particularly the air and mountain troops of each squadron).

In 1996 the operations of the group was enhanced to include training of local forces. This continued when the last British Army unit rotated through in late 1996. Since this point the team has acted as a magnet of stablity in the area.

The team of 17 is led by Lt John Rawson of the 2nd Bn Light Infantry. Aware that things are deteriorating he plans to try and return the team to England but is aware that it will result in a deterioration in conditions in the local area and for the locals that have come to depend on the team.