Allegheny Uprising
Adventure Location United States
Module Length 48 pages
Designer(s) William H. Keith Jr. and Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1987
Product Number GDW 510
ISBN Number 0943580293

Allegheny Uprising includes the following materials:

  • Introductory material for the adventure.
  • Descriptions of the parts of western Maryland and Pennsylvania where the adventure takes place.
  • Details of various organizations, marauder bands, and local defense forces in parts of southwestern Pennsylvania.
  • A list of important NPCs, including people the characters must find in order to locate the stockpile.
  • A map of the general area in southwest Pennsylvania where the adventure is set.
  • Background material on western Pennsylvania's recent history, on the secret government supply cache SRS-17374-2, and on the continuing civil war between the native inhabitants of the Allegheny Mountains and the refugees who entered the area four years ago.
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