Airlords of the Ozarks
Adventure Location United States
Module Length 48 pages
Designer(s) William H. Keith Jr. and Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1987
Product Number GDW 511
ISBN Number 0943580188

The story follows the adventures of the player characters in the rugged hills and forests of the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri early in the year 2001. The players must infiltrate and gather information on New America, a bizarre right-wing organization determined to build an empire from the ashes of the United States. Among the things they will discover will be Operation Eaglestrike, a plot involving salvaged cruise missiles.

Airlords of the Ozarks contains:

  • A detailed background of New America, as well as information on its ideology and goals.
  • Descriptions of regions, communities, and encounters in the Ozark Mountains area.
  • Technical and game data on the Columbia, a giant, advanced-tech, airfoil cargo dirigible which crash-landed in the Ozarks in 1997, and on smaller dirigibles built by New American forces with parts and equipment salvaged from Columbia and other sources.
  • Technical and game data on ultralight aircraft which may be encountered, including notes for using them in aerial combat.
  • A map of the Ozarks region.

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